Whitney Museum's Biennial Party Paints The City

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 23, 2010

    Patti Kim, Jesse Aron Green, Emily Roysdon[All photos by Clint Spaulding for PMc]

    Last night, the Artist Council of the Whitney Museum of Art held their biennial party at MxCo, the dignified and avid art supporters of the day let loose at nightfall.

    The members of the council share a passion for art collection and show their devotion to the museum's artists by helping them distribute their work among the contemporary art world. They are commonly found giving talks and walking tours around the Whitney Museum, but last night, they ditched their explanations about art in favor of some other...more celebratory topics.

    The Knights of the Roundtable were there! And they brought disposable cameras!

    Francesco Bonami, Adam Weinberg, Hunter Foster, Jessica Jackson Hutchins

    Aurel Schmidt, Maureen Gallace Fern Tesler, Cecilia Wolfson, Allison Wiener Aurel Schmidt, Maureen Gallace Fern Tesler, Cecilia Wolfson, Allison Wiener

    The Whitney's Biennial curator, Francesco Bonami, recently spent 112 minutes with NYMag, and he offered to paint one writer a painting. Perhaps he took even more requests last night? The crowd certainly looks like all their art collections just got serious.

    Francesco Bonami Francesco Bonami Martin Kersels. Thomas Houseago Martin Kersels. Thomas Houseago

    Tam Tran, Courtney Chilov Lisa Anastos, Diego Marroquis Tam Tran, Courtney Chilov          Lisa Anastos, Diego Marroquis

    We wish we were there for this, because either it's two long lost family members reuniting, or this is an artist thanking a council member for making her famous. We don't know -- but we'd really like to.

    Thomas Houseago, Lesley Vance Thomas Houseago, Lesley Vance

    Adam Weinberg Jasmine Beatrice, John Dempsey, Andrea Lanna Adam Weinberg                              Jasmine Beatrice, John Dempsey, Andrea Lanna

    Adam Weinberg, Sharon HayesLisa Anastsos, Donna De Salvo Adam Weinberg, Sharon Hayes           Lisa Anastsos, Donna De Salvo

    Mungo Thomson, Lesley Vance Mungo Thomson, Lesley Vance