SXSW Style: The Best, The Worst, & The WTF

by M.J. Koury · March 15, 2011

    SXSW-  the Austin, Texas music conference known for jump starting both start-ups and indie bands- is kicking it into high gear this week. As the interactive portion heats up, we've already seen some notable fashions:

    We saw balloon hats and peace signs, fishnets and furries. Tame but eccentric, the feelgood chillness that live music and busy Twitter streams induces was best complemented by a lot of leather jackets. We that hope those in search of lube and ipads, found what they were looking for.

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    Some skin-centric...

    [Alex Blagg]

    Many bespectacled...

    [Via Nick McGlynn]

    Even the HootSuite owl was rocking the fashion.

    It wouldn't be a rock conference without some well-done tat sleeves. This guy's dolphin matches his shirt.

    [Left, Stephanie Hunt]

    Dark, lots of layers, and mix and matched graphics seem to be the down south look this year.

    [Via Nick McGlynn]

    Truest words.

    Patches and leather jackets make a comeback. Plaid was never out of style.

    A simple look to make any chilly New Yorker want to plan a Texas getaway.

    [Via Nick McGlynn]

    Bikes, birds, cardboard signs and tech-y tee shirts. Overall, it was an eclectic and good looking festival where the music mattered more than the clothes and there was no red carpet in sight.  As the shows get underway, one can only imagine the onstage and mosh pit style to come. For more images, visit our SXSW gallery.