Americans Love Summer

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 28, 2008

     [At the Junkyard Ho-Down in Brooklyn]

    Go Here for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan.

    Americans everywhere are getting excited about summer. It's a time for them to truly cut loose and show their true American Pride. Some of the more popular mannerisms that Americans are known for come out during the summer months. Things like grilling out, eating watermelon, buying fireworks, sharing ice cream cones from a truck and... flashing people their American flag bikini's of course. We may be called tacky every now and then, but who can honestly say that they don't appreciate cheap beer from a red plastic cup served by girls in bikinis and cutoffs every now and then?

    Americans love summer because its the only god damn time they let us vacation in this country. We don't get the standard 3 months like the Euros so we have to make the best of the week long treks we get to take in our gas guzzling SUVs. We want our summer movies, our Golden Sun tanning oils, our heated pools, and our air conditioners working at full speeds during the rest of the months; and we want our cars to be the kings of the roads. We want our kids gone at summer camp for as many weeks as we can afford for them to be there, and we won't be doing any work on Friday's from now until September. And, whether our vacations are at the beach, mountain, or lakeshore, you can bet we will be complaining all along the way. God Bless America!