East Hamptons Beach Passes Sell Out Quicker Than Ever Before

by Georgia Bobley · March 27, 2012

    Every year on February 1st, 2,900 East Hampton beach passes are made available for non-residents, at $325 each. While the sale of beach passes has been slow over the past few years due to the recession, the passes sold out quicker than they ever have before, reports CNBC.

    The early sale of the beach passes is a good sign for East Hampton, where a struggling economy has left the town and beaches emptier than usual over the past few years. Larry Cantwell, East Hampton Village Administrator spoke to CNBC, saying that the quick sell-out of the passes is

    “a small indicator that there is more interest in spending the summer in East Hampton."

    The passes sold out a month earlier than they did during the worst season in recent years, and Cantwell pointed out that there's

    “no question that things are a heck of a lot better than they were three years ago. ”

    The sale of the passes may indicate an upturn for the general state of the economy -- not just the Hamptons -- and according to CNBC,

    "Whether early sales indicate a stronger economy or more people planning to vacation closer to home is good fodder for armchair economists everywhere."

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