Stuff Spit Out By The Sea...Strange Indeed

by guestofaguest · July 31, 2008

    whale on quogue beachOkay so I thought I'd make it through the week without having to post on that strange creature that has washed up on the shores of know the one that EVERYONE's been talking about.  What is it? Real or photoshopped? Sea turtle without shell? Skinned Racoon? Mutated dog from a lab off the coasts?  Well, quite frankly I AM starting to care about getting to the bottom of this mess...if only so I don't ever have to stare at that disgusting photo again!  (If you have been living in a hole and care to see the thing go HERE, you can even vote on what you think it is...WHAT FUN!)

    Ah we may NEVER actually know the answer to this mystery.  Sometimes the throw up of the sea can be strange indeed.  Reminds me of this post from last year (see photo above).  This poor guy got beached around Quogue....sad story for sure, but at least we could IDENTIFY the creature that time!

    [The Other Ones]