Beet It: An Interview With The Multi-Talented Literatus Roger Rosenblatt

by CLAIRE WILLETT · June 30, 2008

    Roger RosenblattFrom:

    Quogue's reining renaissance man on liberal arts colleges, teaching writing vs. writing, and why he loves south shore winters.

    Roger Rosenblatt has been the essayist for TIME and the New York Times, and a correspondent for PBS' NewsHour. He was the New Republic's and US World Report and News' senior editor. He's written 12 nationally acclaimed, often best-selling books. He's amassed a Peabody, an Emmy, and two Polks. And he does not use email. I ask how such a feat is possible in our age of round-the-clock virtual connection. "A combination of inborn stupidity and laziness," he tells me.