"Best $2K I Ever Spent!"

by Rachelle Hruska · July 29, 2008

    lilypond, east hamptpon [Photos by Rob Rich]

    After the more subdued Blackbook party wrapped up, Lilypond in East Hampton continued on into the night on Saturday with it's usual debauchery. I actually had to drive past the place on my way home this night and, had I only known what was ensuing out back I may have....nah, I don't think I am prepared to handle it quite yet. These guys however? They came with their A-games and were more than prepared to be the special recipients of sparkle in a bottle.

    Lilypond, easthamptonLilypond, easthamptonLilypond, easthampton

    More photos by Rob Rich below:

    Lilypond, easthamptonLilypond, easthamptonLilypond, easthamptonLilypond, easthampton Lilypond, easthampton