"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" 4th Of July Backyard Hamptons Party In Watermill

by Rachelle Hruska · July 7, 2009

    [Photos by Kirill] Many internet entrepreneurs seem to be introverted and dorky, at least when it comes to their partying skills. We assumed Thrillist founder Ben Lerer was no exception. However, there wasn't a timid techie in sight at his 4th of July BBQ bash this past Saturday, and these photos speak for themselves, do they not? Maybe Lerer isn't the dorkster we all thought he was? Or maybe his friends, including DJ Tanner, Ryan Harwood, Emily Rotter, Perry Rahbar, David Rodolitz, Ryan Alovis, Eric Sobotka, Mike Hamilton, and Mike Hesekiel, who all helped host the affair, keep Ben up to speed? The party, at their house in Watermill, is a convenient 2 min cab ride from Pink Elephant nightclub...

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    ...though this crowd (in full daylight) was unarguably a better looking bunch than your typical club goer. Plus, they had an open bar with drinks served on floaties, and champagne sprayed outdoors amongst bikini clad modely types. I guess it's fair to say that Ben Lerer actually has it in him to throw a good party....who knew?

    Who invited him?

    Ben Lerer (L)