DUNE Southampton Is In Sunday Styles

by Rachelle Hruska · September 2, 2008

    DUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNEDUNE [All photos by David X Prutting. Included in photos above: Liam McMullan, Nick Hunt, Rich Thomas, Tamie Peters Thomas, Stephanie Wei, David X Prutting, and Olivia Cuervo]

    From: hamptons.guestofaguest.com:

    The NY Times Sunday Styles did a piece on Dune in Southampton this past weekend titled "A Yacht Party In The Sand". It mentioned the $2k pricetag on tables, the inspiration for our daily column "Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Having actually BEEN at DUNE this Saturday, I felt compelled to give my two cents:

    I hate nightclubs.

    Even more than that, I hate going to nightclubs in the Hamptons...