A Look Inside Gurney's Tuesday Night Beach Bonfires

by KENDRA SEAY · September 4, 2009

    [Photos via PJ Monte] It took us until the end of August to make it to Gurney's Tuesday Night Beach Bonfire Party and it lived up to all expectations leaving us bummed we missed out on the fun at the Montauk staple all summer. The Beach Party had everything necessary for a relaxed Montauk night out while giving off the "I just stepped off the back of a cruise ship onto a tropical island" vibe. We found it appropriate to immediately order frozen cocktails upon arrival as it would have felt wrong not to...With a huge beach bonfire and live music from Montauk faves and certified locals including Dan Bailey & Living Rhythm, Hotwax, and Next Level, guests relaxed in beach chairs, warmed up to the bonfire, and enjoyed delicious food while taking in Montauk from Gurney's backyard. We caught up with PJ Monte, Montauk local, fashion CEO, and son of Gurney's owners (Nick & Lola Monte) during our visit and he told us that people of all ages being able to come and enjoy themselves along with families, locals, groups of friends, and Montauk visitors is what makes the Tuesday night parties so perfect.