A StyleCaster Hosts A Night Of Dinner And Diamonds With Forevermark At Georgica

by Kirsten Judson · June 21, 2012

    Stylecaster and Forevermark hosted a Dinner and Diamonds influencer dinner at Georgica this past Saturday night. Deviating away from a strict business dinner environment, the event was a platform to celebrate gratitude, family, and social responsibility. The launch of Forevermark's new app was the highlight of the evening.

    [David Goldberg, Adelaide Polk Bauman]

    The night started around 9:30 PM, as guests trickled in to the dimly lit back room of Georgica Restaurant and Lounge. Guests chatted quietly as the introduction paid homage to Forevermark embracing corporate social responsibility, family, business, and the launch of their new app. The app's purpose was to publicize Forevermark's diamond journey and make the unique Forevermark diamond a less abstract concept. Guests were invited to play with iPads during their three course meal of mediterranean chicken breast, dill crusted salmon, or white truffle five cheese ravioli, to experience the Forevermark app that features sleek design, breathtaking images, and an easy to use format.

    [Seth Porges, Wray Serna, Liz Kozersky, Erin O’Grady, Meghan Cross]

    The application not only provided information on the unique diamonds and designs, but also showcased the different steps to choosing a Forevermark diamond. Forevermark's application stressed their integrity requirements, their commitment to the environment, and their promise that their diamonds are the rarest in the world. Less than 1% of diamonds mined are eligible to don the Forevermark title. The app not only virtualized the picturesque Forevermark diamonds, but redefined the diamond as a concept everyone can embrace.

    [Lindsey Calla, Jenni Radosevich, David Goldberg, Adelaide Polk-­Bauman, Ari Goldberg]

    The guests for the influencer dinner embraced the app with open arms, and tables discussed the importance of supporting products that are responsibly sourced. It was time to get down to the serious partying after everyone took a turn working with Forevermark's app. Guests sipped on wine while enjoying the chef's selection of family style desserts, presented on huge platters. As dinner at Georgica began to dwindle down, luxury vechicles shuttled the 40 attendees to SL East, where they continued the celebration late into the evening.