Art Under The Moonlight: The Midnight Moon Summer Vernissage

by JULIA LOVALLO · July 27, 2010

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    Annika Connor, along with her production company, Active Ideas Productions and Peter Felfe put together an annual summer art show at Mr. Felfe's private Southampton home this past weekend. An exercise in art appreciation with a backdrop of the almost full moon, the event was a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening.


    Our self proclaimed "hat girl" (who's graced the snapshots on Bill Cunningham's pages for the past two consecutive weeks decked out in stunning Denise Woods chapeaus, nonetheless) hosted the perennial event, this year titled "Midnight Moon" (which was ironic as a brief local power outage left the party no choice but to be illuminated by the moon), to celebrate both the summer season and emerging artists simultaneously. Jill Smith curated a wonderful collection of works by artists that will soon be featured in the upcoming Point Suite art book which include: Marta Abbott, Annika Connor, Teodor Dumitrescu, Huber.Huber, Nicholas Papadakis and other talented artists. Marina Boldyreva performed on the piano while Catherine Cox sung jazz and delighted the guests while complementing the artists at this Summer Vernissage.