Brazilian Babes Flock To Surf Lodge For Envix Hair Masque Release

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 16, 2010

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    Last Saturday, Montauk was filled with some South American flair with the launch of BrazilianSupplement’s Envix Deep Conditioning Hair Masque at the Surf Lodge.  Though rain pattered down on the deck outside,  Caipirinhas, Envix treatments, and the sounds of sexy Brazilian singer Karina Zeviani kept guests in high spirits.

    Though drinks and dancing were abound, the hair treatment was of course the main reason to celebrate. SoHo-based Maria Bonita Salon and Spa is responsible for bringing the product, and the Brazilians, out to Montauk; her NYC salon boasts a highly Brazilian clientele, who also must be given credit for introducing these products to the U.S. market. Our frazzled and sun-fried hair says thank you.

    Among the crowd of tall, tanned, and beautiful Brazilians, milling around with their Envix sunglasses and fuschia lipstick, was another familiar face: the Leblon Cachaça mobile.  The truck-slash-secret-hangout-lounge served up Natural Cane Cachaça for guests, and will continue doing so at various locations around the Hamptons this summer.  Keep an eye out as well for their "Legalize Cachaça" campaign.

    The Leblon Caipirinha Mobile

    And while the music was great, the crowd lively, and the hair conditioner...conditioning?  What also struck us about this event was a remembrance for our love of the early-evening Surf Lodge cocktail.  You know, that beautiful lull where the deck is buzzing but not bustling, and the sun slowly setting on the horizon.  Yeah, it's times like those, and events like these, when we remember why we love the Surf Lodge.

    [Leblon Photo via Leblon Cachaca]