Bridget Seigel Shows The Racy Side Of Politics With The Debut Of 'Domestic Affairs'

by Veronica Hoglund · August 16, 2012

    As the 2012 Presidential Election inches closer and closer, it can be a bit of a struggle to find a lighter side within the world of politics. Bridget Siegel, in her debut novel Domestic Affairs seemingly aims to do just that. Her book follows a young campaign staffer who becomes involved with the wrong Presidential candidate – and oh do we love inner White House controversy.

    [Eric Schneiderman, Liz Ros, Bridget Seigel, Marcy Bloom]

    This past Saturday Harvey Weinstein, John Sykes and VP & Lucky Publisher Marcy Bloom hosted the release of Bridget’s Domestic Affairs at East Hampton’s Hamptons Players Club. The event catered to a fantastic crowd who enjoyed cocktails and light bites throughout the evening. Guests included Harvey Weinstein, John Sykes, Marcy Bloom, Alex Karpovsky (from HBO’s Girls), Tinsley Mortimer, George Kotsiopoulous (Fashion Police), Ambassador Carl Spielvogel & Dr. Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Greg Blatt (CEO of Interactive Corp), Ann Tenenbaum & Tom Lee, Tanya Zuckerbrot, Andrew & Sandi Farkas, Liz Manne (FilmAid), Elaine & Gerry Schuster and Jon Bresler (LAFCO.)

    Bridget Siegel is a Georgetown University alum, who has worked on several top political campaigns including Hilary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, a senior financial consultant on the Kerry/Edwards and Obama/Biden campaign.