Checking In At The Hamptons Golf Classic: Taking A Break From The Screen To Brave The Green

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 29, 2009

    [Kristin Luciano, Carson Griffith, Kendra Seay live posting from the Hamptons Golf Classic... and Ariel Moses creeping in the background]

    We've set up shop to bring you all the goss from the Hamptons Golf Classic but it's time we leave our coffee, cocktails and laptops behind and hit up the green with the big boys. I've already taken one swing and struck out (literally... I whiffed), so we're going to try our luck with our golf cart which they set up for Team GofG Hamptons. Don't miss us too much! We'll be back! Until then enjoy what we've prepared for you from the weekend, and get ready for more updates from the HGC. Annnnd we're off! And don't worry, no one's letting me behind the wheel!