Contemporary Artist And East End Regular Celebrates 30 Years At c/o Maidstone

by KENDRA SEAY · August 24, 2009

    [Donald Sultan, Peter Dayton. All photos by JONATHON ZIEGLER for PMc] East Hamptons's c/o The Maidstone hosted an event Saturday afternoon for American contemporary artist and Hamptons resident Donald Sultan. The event was held in honor of Sultan's latest book "The Theater of the Object" which examines his 30-year career that is certainly one to be celebrated... With his abstract still-life paintings being featured in exhibits all over the country including The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The National Gallery of Art, The MoMa, and The Whitney. When asked about his book, Sultan explained:

    "I felt it was about time for this book, as it spans 30 years of work, up through 2008, and it is a compilation." Additionally he indicated "The book covers a vast range of my work and I wanted people to be able to see that work." []

    Guests including Bob Colacello and artist Peter Dayton stopped by to have their very own copy of the book signed and to sneak in conversation with the accomplished artist.

    Donald Sultan, Lauren Pressman, Jackie Dehoney

    Jordan Karney, Matt Pressman, Lauren Pressman, Jackie Dehoney, Tim Lucas

    Tom Janczun, John Maloney, Stuart Siegel, Ron Laxamana

    Nina Magowan, Ellen Lewis, Sarah Oberschall