Creative Time and Martin + Osa Provide Fodder and Libation

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · August 7, 2008

    creative time [Image via Peter Davis]

    At a beautiful Sagaponack estate, Connecticut clothiers Martin + Osa with Creative Time busted out the Veuve and hors d'oeurves to raise money for the named organization. Yours truly (moi) was on the host committee as well as Jonathan Adler, Siman Doonan, Mark Lagrish and Mike and Eloise D'Agastino. Attendees included AFL's David Chines, fashion illustrator J. David McKenney, and our favorite boys Timo Weiland, Kristian Laliberte, and Sean Patrick Murray.

    Creative Time is an organization that raises money to install large public contemporary art installations in low-income communities. The idea is that people who would otherwise not have access to fine art will still be surrounded by culture. Martin + Osa's, donned by the cutie model bartenders and wait staff, is described as "refined casual." Coupled with their affordable price point, you just cant go wrong! Perfect for the Hamptons!