Darfur Now, And Maybe Someday

by Adam Bertrand · July 28, 2008


    Hungover from a weekend of parties, polo, and designer steals? The Jewish Center of the Hamptons is screening Darfur Now, Theodore Braun's documentary about aiding Sudan's civil-war-ravaged western region. Narrated by Don Cheadle, and focusing on six would-be saviors (a rebel solider and mother, a refugee leader, a prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, an american activist, an Ecuadoran relief worker, and Cheadle himself) the film offers much for its viewers to consider.

    What are the factors that motivate a government to sponsor internal genocide? Who is truly behind it? Who is combatting it? How do the Sudanese children still have spirit? Can we, as outsiders, really help? How can we get others to help? For all its bleak subject matter, the movie's tone isn't one of gloom and doom, but of impassioned, rousing hope. Braun's goal was to inform and inspire, not condemn; head over to the Jewish Center at 8 to see if he's succeeded.

    The Jewish Center of the Hamptons is located at 44 Woods Lane, East Hampton