EXcenTricA: The LongHouse Reserve Summer Gala

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 19, 2010

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    A long, curvy golf-cart ride. Check. A dark lit path. Check. Flowing art canvases lining the way. Check. A party dancing around a giant, electric blue globe. Um....check. The LongHouse Reserve Gala has all your bases covered.

    We have to say, with the craziness and chaos that define Saturdays in the Hamptons for Team of GofG, we only reached the gala for the more youngster-targeted late-night (meaning post-9pm) portion, this year appropriately called EXcenTricA. But of course, everybody knows that any Hamptons party noting an actual 'end' time is just doing so for appearances. So even though we were on the wrong side of 8 p.m., the grounds of The LongHouse Reserve were still rocking with live music and plenty of dancing when we rolled up during the 'Dancing After Dark' portion of the event.

    Earlier in the evening, Laurie Anderson, who also performed at the event, received this year's LongHouse Award, while Jan Cowles received the LongHouse Art Leadership award. Also in the lineup for the night was an incredibly diverse auction, including African art, Japanese artificats, lodging in Belize and Costa Rica, and much more.

    However we can't deny that the allure of the night for us was its uncanniness to that of one of Mary Ann's parties circa True Blood season 2 (though we can state with firm conviction that no one was indeed fornicating out in the open). Nonetheless, the interpretative dancing, the luminescent and geometric totemic globe, the trickling fountains in which, yes, certain guests were continually dunking their heads... let's just say there was something slightly odd organic and spiritual about the entire evening.