Fiji Water And Carrera Present A Special Hamptons Screening Of 'The Words'

by Yumi Matsuo · August 30, 2012

    On Saturday, Bradley Cooper joined the cast of CBS Films' The Words at their private Hamptons screening by Fiji Water and Carrera. Carrera gifted guests with sunglasses, as well as provided gift bags with a beach towel and flip flops. Fiji Water provided water for everyone at their seats in the theater and at the bar. After the screening at Goose Creek, guests made their way over to the after party at Georgica restaurant.

    [Photo: Bradley Cooper, Ron Rifkin]

    Other guests included Ben Barnes, Brian Klugman, Lee Sterntha, Bob Balaban, Alice Callahan, Susan Sarandon, Halley Feiffer, Julies Feiffer, Michael Kennedy, Eleanora Kennedy, Adam Leon, Tamara Mellon, Ron Rifkin, Aimee Ruby, Meki Saldana, Alise Shoemaker, Howard Stern, Beth Ostrosky, Alexander Vreeland, and Lisa Vreeland.

    [Lee Sternthal, Bob Balaban, Susan Sarandon, Brian Klugman]

    [Bradley Cooper, Ben Barnes] [Howard Stern, Beth Ostrosky Stern]

    [Bob Balaban, Susan Sarandon] [Tamara Mellon]

    [Bradley Cooper, Brian Klugman]

    [Susan Sarandon, Bradley Cooper, Bob Balaban, Brian Klugman]

    [Bradley Cooper, Ben Barnes, Brian Klugman, Lee Sterntha]

    [Eleanora Kennedy, Michael Kennedy] [Meki Saldana]

    [Susan Sarandon]

    [Chloe Malle, Graham Albert] [Alice Callahan]

    [Aimee Ruby] [Jonathan Bricklin] [Brandon Crowe, Casey Fremont]

    [Hally Feiffer, Jules Feiffer] [Joy Behar]

    [Photos via Marion Curtis/Starpix, via Vogue, via, via, via]