Frolicking Poolside At The Montauk Beach House With Steve Lewis And Andy Rourke

by Dena Silver · August 7, 2012

    This past Saturday The Montauk Beach House continued their summer line up of great DJs and an even greater pool party at No. 50. This members only poolside scene makes you feel sorry for everyone that decided to hit the beach instead. Adorable waitresses wearing a retro red and blue uniform deliver bottle after bottle of, well, whatever liquor you desire, just adding fuel to the fire and keeping you going strong until the sun sets.

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    This weekend, in addition to house DJ Terry Casey, Blackbook's Steve Lewis started on the DJ decks, spinning a refreshing set that definitely did not include any song off the top 40 (other DJs please take note). After Steve, Andy Rourke of the Smiths took over the musical duties, spinning even more rad rock hits from decades earlier. Check out what Steve Lewis had to say about his Montauk Beach House experience HERE.

    The boys from Leisure Dives showed up halfway through the day. What the eff are Leisure Dives you ask? Started last summer, this is a site dedicated to showing off pictures of people casually diving into a pool, but making it seem they're literally just flying through the air. This past weekend the boys used umbrellas, towels, bottles and beach balls as accessories to appear as leisurely as possible, before getting utterly soaked.

    The Montauk Beach House, which opened up it's doors this July, kicked off their Pool Party season with DJ legend Paul Oakenfold, and has continued to draw big names like the Postelles, The Chainsmokers and Cobra Starship thus far. The remaining weeks of the summer promise to be even better than the last few with Mark Ronson this week (you might want to make your reservations for this NOW!!) and Paul Sevigny following the week after. Labor day weekend Jesse Marco and Aaron James will be partying for the last hurrah of the season. Now that the summer is drawing to a close we have to admit that we're kinda stoked to see what the MBH has in store for next season.

    However, not just anyone can waltz onto the grounds of the Montauk Beach House to party, a membership is required. As explained HERE, investing in a membership at the pool club is totally worth it, if only for the discounts on the 12 bottles you'll end up splurging on anyways. If you're still not totally sold on getting a membership for this summer, you should certainly considering befriending some people that have joined the exclusive club.

    Check out the Montauk Beach House website HERE for more info.