Guests Get 'Amp'ed, Splashed At The Stadiumred July 4th Pool Party

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 8, 2010

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    The Stadiumred Pool Party this past Sunday was sizzling with bikini clad girls and enough Amp energy drinks (mixed with Svedka, of course) to get everyone through dance-offs, dives, and even trips down the backyard zip line.

    Sponsored by Svedka Vodka, Amp Energy, and Stadiumred, this party went above and beyond the usual "we have booze, girls, and a pool" appeal, setting up a full DJ booth, tree fort, and zip line.  Yes, ZIP LINE.  Safe?  No.  Awesome?  Yes.

    And for those not drunk daring enough to try the zip line, the pool proved sufficient enough, letting kids (and big plastic alphabet letters?) show off their diving skills.

    Familiar faces seen around the party were debaucherous photog Kirill Bichutsky (plus the crew), The Chainsmokers, and this kid whose hat we might just steal:

    After seeing this footage, you better hope you get an invite to the next Stadiumred party...we can only imagine what they'll think up next.