Guests Observe Ocean, Avoid Drama At Panoramic View Open House

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 12, 2010

    [Photos by Rob Rich] Though the weather was less than ideal, the ocean view still stunned guests at Panoramic View Resort & Residences in Montauk.  While most guests casually explored the properties, a certain couple of housewives spent their time avoiding eye contact so as to keep this fete catfight-free.

    Hosted in one of the new condominiums, guests clad in all-white explored the new 4-bedroom space, sipping on refreshments by NUVO and Metromint Water and nibbling on s'mores and strawberries.  Though a renowned Hamptons destination for over fifty years, the property looks even better with a face-lift, boasting year-round staff, at both the resort and residences, who ensure every this getaway is like "your full-service doorman building on the ocean."  Personally, with a view like this, we're not really sure what else you'd need.

    The view from the balcony at Panoramic View Residences

    Distinctive guests attending the soiree included Hamptons regulars/reality television stars Jill Zarin and Alex McCord from the Real Housewives of New York City, who managed to stay on opposite sides of the party after the infamous Season Three Reunion debacle.  Jill chose to mingle with her guest and fellow Bravo star Indrani, while Alex stayed on the lower level and patio of the condo with husband Simon and their two children. Both stars also failed to receive the memo on the "all-white attire," with Jill making a statement in a red-hot romper and Alex standing out in a rainbow-hued dress.

    Indrani, Bobby Zarin, Jill Zarin, Ed Bruehl;   Matthew Bachrad, Merideth Schlosser, Jill Zarin

    Scott Grainick, Alex McCord, Lindsay BloomEric Hantman, Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord, Shamoil

    Eric Hantman, Meredith Schlosser, Jill Damicee; Robbie Berman's Crowd

    Indrani, Jill Zarin                          Natalie Watkins, Lyndsay Goodale

    Sharon Sessler, John Sessler        Simon Van Kempan, Alex McCord

    And of course, never ones to let a good couples photo opportunity go unnoticed, Alex and Simon were sure to pose together out on the scenic balcony...awww.

    Upon leaving the party, VIP guests were given exclusive gift bags filled with goodies from the events sponsors, and, in Alex and Jill's case, a pat on the back for staying so civil.  Cheers, ladies!

    Panoramic View Resort & Residences: 272 Old Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY, (631) 668-3000