Hamptons Puppy Socials Attend ARF's Come, Sit, And Stay Cocktail Event At c/o The Maidstone

by KENDRA SEAY · June 30, 2009

    [All photos by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc] The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons hosted their annual Come, Sit, and Stay cocktail event at c/o The Maidstone Sunday afternoon where guests were invited to join fellow ARF supporters and their adorable puppy companions to benefit ARF, the leading animal welfare organization on the East End of Long Island dedicated to finding homes for the cats and dogs in their adoption center. Guests included Woody, Pumpkin, Winston, Ginger, and many more of their furried canine buddies who were the social butterflies of the party as they mingled with guests Renee Schlatcher, Bruce, Sydney, and Jodie Renick, Ellen Delsener, Dan Mason, Anthony Gatto and many more between.

    Barbara Slifka

    Bruce Renick, Sydney Renick, Jodie Renick

    Mark Fichandler, Jennifer Jamisen

    Larry Clarke, Carole Taylor

    Mark Fichandler, Maira Pessano

    Patricia Durkan, Woody, Winston

    Linda Barone, Ginge, Renee Schlatcher

    Dan Mason, Anthony Gatto

    George Doomany