Hamptons Youngsters Throw Party Of Their Own For 22nd Annual Southampton Fresh Air Home American Picnic

by KENDRA SEAY · July 7, 2009

    [All photos by ADRIEL REBOH for PMC] The Southampton Fresh Air Home hosted their 22nd annual American Picnic complete with the famous Grucci Fireworks over the Shinnecock Bay Saturday evening in support of the children of the Fresh Air Home. While the majority of Hamptons scenesters, socials, and party animals forgot about fireworks all together, these Hamptonite families and dozens of youngsters got into the patriotic spirit with the most anticipated family Fourth of July fireworks event in Southampton with festive carnival booths, arts & crafts, a fully stocked picnic feast, and yes, an over-sized inflatable moon bouncer.

    More photos below...

    If that isn't enough to wish you were there partying with these cool kids instead of guzzling Rose in Southampton, we don't know what is.

    Brian Carey, Brian Carey, Catherine Carey, Paul Carey

    Audrey Rap, Kara Rosenblum, Isabelle Davis, Hayley Mogul

    Aleksander Schiavetta, Darya Schiavetta, Danna Taylor, Tristian Taylor

    Heidi Wolfgruber, Kurt Wolfgruber, Molly Goebel, Harrison Hochberg, Jackie Hochberg, Alexander Hochberg, Robert Hochberg

    Sara Saelim Luisa Errichetti, Lily Gilef, Lindsay Shapiro

    Dan Faucetta, Julia Faucetta, Elaina Scotto Faucetta, Dan Faucetta, Donna Younis, Chloe Younis, Nahill Younis

    Kristen Galef, Ed Carter