Hot Cars, Big Yachts And LL Cool J Stole The Show At Hamptons Magazine Gold Coast Affair

by Elan Silver · June 19, 2012

    LL Cool J proved he’s loved not only by the ladies by attracting an enthusiastic group of photographers in Huntington last Thursday. The occasion was a joint production by Hamptons Magazine and Prime Restaurant, with the former providing entertainment that matched the ambiance of the event and the latter serving delectable culinary creations by its kitchen staff as the sun set on the harbor in Huntington Bay.

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    On hand was Shag boutique of Roslyn, showing off beautiful jewelry pieces by LL’s wife, Simone I. Smith. The line was presented on an ice cream cart display at the edge of the water, and items from the line were available for sale. Ms. Smith donates a portion of the proceeds from her jewelry line to the American Cancer Society, being a cancer survivor herself.

    Providing even more eye candy for what was an already very visually appealing event, Autosport Designs brought three models from the British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin to impress attendees upon arrival.