Housewives, Children Gather For Hamptons Magazine Soiree

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 2, 2010

    [Photos by Rob Rich] This Saturday, Jason and Haley Binn gathered a few of their closest friends (from the famous, to the semi-famous, to the do-you-seriously-consider-yourself-famous???) to celebrate Memorial Day and the release of their newest issue of Hamptons Magazine.

    After checking out the night's photo coverage, we think we've pretty much gotten the gist of the party.  Here's the GofG interpretation, told through photos by Rob Rich.

    Before guests arrived, Jason and Haley wrangled their two lovely daughters (who were absolutely thrilled to be there) for a nice family photo.  Why not kill two birds with one soiree and get your holiday photo out of the way early?

    Soon, some Real Housewives of New York City trickled in (hey, they heard there'd be a photographer), and from what we can tell, they  left most of the drama back in NYC for once. In keeping with their attention seeking tradition, Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen piled on the PDA; Kelly Bensimon manhandled her adorable Black Lab all day; and Ramona Singer cozied up to...Alex McCord? Oh, and the camera.

    In other housewife news, Kyle MacLachlan from Desperate Housewives was present.  He brought his cute kid too.

    Non-housewife Mariska Hargitay, this month's cover girl, soon arrived at the scene and quickly got to work posing for obligatory press photos in front of Ferraris and promotional backgrounds.  Remember when you went to the prom and your mother made you pose for a thousand photos in front of your boyfriend's Ferrari until your face was frozen into a smile?  What, your boyfriend didn't have a Ferrari?  Well, we imagine it was something like that.

    And upping the star power, Star Jones and boyfriend Herb Wilson also made an appearance.  They may not be as good as Alex and Simon at playing happy couple (doesn't he look simply ecstatic to be standing next to her?!), but we forgive them - reality TV is like on-the-job training for that sort of thing.

    Photographers also convinced Star it was a good idea to take her sunglasses off for a photo, and we assume quickly decided it was a better idea for her to put them back on.  Because it was bright out.  Obviously.

    Overall, the celebration looks as if it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend such a sunny Sunday afternoon.  If you don't believe us, just look how happy everyone is!