Jenna Lash Presents The 300th Show At Southampton's Bego Ezair Gallery

by Dena Silver · July 18, 2012

    Over 100 guests partook in the celebration of the 300th opening at the Bego Ezair Gallery in Southampton on Saturday, where Jenna Lash's artwork was on display. Guests who included Geoffrey Bradfield, Jean Shfiroff, Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Sharon Bush, Robin Cofer and Dominic D'Alleva took in two of Lash's oil based exhibits, "Imagined Memories - A Family Album" as well as "The Art Of Money."

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    Also on hand to sip champagne and toast both the gallery and the artist was gallery owner Marijana Bego, artist Wanda Murphy, Lady Lilana Cavendish, Edmundo Huerta Lucia Hwong Gordon, Matt Sandy and Lisa Simonsen.

    It seemed that the prosecco was endless on Saturday afternoon, and it was not a problem since a live band was showing off their talent in a far corner of the green yard. The bright artwork was enjoyed by gallery visitors as they tasted cupcakes and other sweet treats.

    The Bego Ezair Gallery is a small, but airy space located right on the corner of Southampton's busy Main Street. Two stories of white walls with aged exposed beams is a fitting, but not bland backdrop for the portraits and abstracts on show from Jenna Lash.

    Jenna Lash has explored the world as an artist, presenting her solo shows in Switzerland, Beverly HIlls, Stamford, NYC and of course the Hamptons. Her past collection of works is one of her most personal ones, and it puts a microscope on family and family dynamics, such as those found in her own life. Taking inspiration from an inherited collection of family photographs, she presented her oil-based series titled "Imagined Memories - A Family Album," which was on show at Synchronicity Fine Arts in NYC prior to its visit to the Hamptons.