LABL Brings Us Trip Patterson's Edgewood Goodies

by Adam Bertrand · July 31, 2008

    trip patterson

    When I first saw samples from Trip Patterson's tee-shirt line, Edgewood Goodies, I was reminded of House of Holland and the cover of Everything Is Illuminated. Looping, graffitiesque neon logos over supersaturated cotton made for an eye-catching, and fairly original presentation, a gleeful mix of surfer and hip-hop aesthetics. And now, what I thought was cool to begin with just got a lot cooler, for Trip has teamed up with Sag Harbor's fashion/art collective LABL to produce a line of organic Pima cotton tees.

    The shirts, which were made in a sweatshop free Peruvian facility, will be available for purchase during the Edgewood Goodies trunk show at the LABL studio this Saturday, from 2-6. Max Barbaria is spinning, there will be drinks and pizza, and the whole Edgewood crew, designer included, will be there. Check it out if you're jonesing for some refuse-free LES-style fun.

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    [Image via Edgewood Goodies]