Parrish Art Museum's Midsummer Dance Party Is By Far The Hottest Ticket Out East

by Christie Grimm · August 5, 2021

    Start freaking out about the fact that you don't have any fun party clothes in your closet even though you one thousand percent do.

    Parrish Art Museum is kicking off their annual Midsummer Weekend on August 13th with a Friday night dance party that is sure to be the soirée of the season!

    Starting at 8:30PM, DJ James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem will be serving up an amazing set of prête-à-party tunes. 

    When not breaking a sweat on the dance floor, guests will have the exclusive treat of wandering about the museum's exhibits after-hours.

    Oh, and did we mention anyone who's anyone will be there? The event's Chair, Larry Milstein, has collected quite the stylish host committee. Everyone from Lizzie Asher, Charlotte Bickley, Samantha Cohen, Jesse Bongiovi and Kit Keenan, to Jack Brinkley-Cook, Warren Elgort, Ally Shapiro, Sydney Sadick, Alexander Hankin, Noor Pahlavi and more will be in attendance alongside their chic cliques.

    So yeah, you are so not going to want to miss out. 

    Grab your tickets today, and honestly, just buy that sequin dress you've been thinking about for months and those heels you know won't be comfortable and you'll totally regret wearing until later that night in bed when you're looking at pictures and somehow suddenly, insanely the fact that you won't be able to walk for a few days will seem worth it.

    [Photos courtesy Parrish Art Museum]