Pret-A-Surf VIP Cocktail Party At Banzai Burger

by Annie Rooney · August 24, 2011

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    It was not just a typical night at the Napeague stretch's newest establishment, Banzai Burger. Yes, the lots were packed, the mosquitoes were biting and those herb fries were being shoveled down my throat all too quickly, but on Friday night, Vogue’s Jillian Demling, along with Karen Mulligan from Annie Leibovitz's studio, celebrated the new collection for their Pret-A-Surf swimwear line, making the night also a particularly fashionable one.

    Musical and theatrical performances by The Kin made the Pret-A-Surf VIP cocktail party the party to be at. Whether you were sipping a PBR, eating a burger or stealing dancing with owner Steve Kasuba (or, lucky you, all of the above) you were starting off the weekend the right way.