Puppies, Paris, and Event Paradise At The Hamburg Kennedy Summer Salon in Southampton

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 28, 2010

    Amidst the parties and galas of the past Saturday out east, the quaint and breezy Hamburg Kennedy Salon on Jobs Lane hosted a gallery of the astounding Elliott Erwitt's work, and attracted artists and passerbys alike to photographs that blurred the lines between generations. Everything from jumping puppies, to the majestic Marilyn Monroe, to sun-tanned men sprawled in the sand was captured by the acclaimed photographer and put on display for photography fanatics to devour. Elliott Erwitt truly shined as we witnessed viewers with their noses near an inch from the photographs observing every fine detail. Hosting the event were the lovely Fabiola Beracasa, Fernanda Niven, and Melody Weir, and a fine job they did. The City's Jonathan Alpeyrie, designer Geoffrey Bradfield, and CNN's Alina Cho, swung by to marvel at the amazing photography, as did Organic Avenue's Eric Cahan, Rory Hermelee, and Emma Snowden Jones.

    Victoria Schweizer, Jonathan Alpeyrie. - - Rory Hermelee, Alina Cho

    Personally, this was one of my favorite events of the weekend, which may confuse some, because I've never considered myself quite an art connoisseur; but nevertheless, the Hamburg Kennedy Salon had several things that other, and perhaps even more extravagant, events lacked. Let me elaborate... Air conditioning was on full blast and the gallery was so perfectly cool, even the puppies were in paradise.  SO key. And speaking of our cute canines, the featured photography was refreshing: the eiffel tower, the beach, a puppy on a bark bench--we were happy to see the type of art that didn't have us scratching our heads wondering, huh? The bartenders were super bubbly, serving us some of the better wine spritzers we've had in our day, and honestly seemed heartbroken when we bid them our goodbyes to head to our next (most likely overheated) event.  Hey, everyone likes feeling liked.

    The Hamburg Kennedy Summer Salon had all the pizazz of a much bigger event, but with the intimacy (and ventilation) that may just having us coming back for more gallery gazing as the hot summer wears on.