"Best $2K I Ever Spent" Blackwell Rum Celebrates At Navy Beach

by Annie Rooney · August 22, 2011

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    It was another one of those parties where you should have left the heels at home. Familiar Hamptons faces such as Cynthia RowleyBill Powers and Julian Schnabel, along with many more, came out to Montauk's Navy Beach for the celebration of Blackwell Rum. Guests were served none other than the Jamaican rum in 3 tasty and strong specialty drinks (or you could get the raw flavor by downing a solo shot, a very popular option by the end of the night).

    Also, Navy Beach's kitchen cooked up some delicious sea food snacks and desserts.  Although some girls insisted on mingling throughout the stone filled sands near the water in their tiny high heels, the event eventually transformed into a wild dance party once it started to drizzle and guests hustled inside the restaurant. We can thank mother nature for that one, because the night turned into one hell of a party.

    Things got heated as the DJ spun funky reggae hits, including many from the pop hit maker Sean Paul, and everyone was shaking what their momma gave them, on the dance floor. The rum was definitely Jamakin' everyone crazy!