Susan Sarandon Shows Off Her Ping Pong Skills At The Grey Goose Blue Door Presents SPiN Ping Pong Tournament

by Kyle Langan · August 9, 2011

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    East Hampton was popping on Friday at the Grey Goose Blue Door estate when the creators of SPiN Ping Pong hosted a special VIP tournament.  Winners of the tournament were awarded tickets to the 2011 US Tennis Open Championships, so naturally, every eager ping pong enthusiast on the East End brought their A-Game. Guests were chauffeured from the street to the palatial estate in golf carts and were showered with hors d'oeuvres, and of course, delicious Grey Goose cocktails.  While the DJ supplied the beats, the tournament commenced and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Susan Sarandon, a huge supporter of the SPiN, also made a cameo and mingled with friends as she watched and cheered on the players before hopping on the table herself and showing her talents.

    Honestly, I have never seen such intense playing.  SPiN is famous for their hardcore moves and "take no prisoners" attitude, but seeing it in person was something different.  The competitors looked like legitimate tennis pros!  The only thing that was missing were the manly grunts that Serena Williams likes to utter.

    Ping Pong experts getting their game on, including Susan Sarandon...

    Personally, the type of pong I particularly rule at involves red cups instead of paddles, but offers no less dedication to the game.  Engaging in a game of Grey Goose Pong, instead of the standard brew, with Susan Sarandon would have obviously been the highlight of my week (or life), but again, you don't want to mess around the SPiN guys, so I didn't press the topic.  The way the wielded their paddles scared me enough to know not to make them angry.

    In the end, everyone enjoyed good music, great food, and dazzling entertainment.  Just another day in the Hamptons...