The Maidstone Plays Hosts To The Cast Of "The Glass Menagerie"... And Alec Baldwin

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 14, 2009

    [Actress Amy Irving and director hubby Kenneth Bowser. All pictures by ADRIEL REBOH for PMc] Celebrating Guild Hall's presentation of Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie, c/o The Maidstone threw a bash in honor of the cast and crew this past Saturday. The tear-jerker of a play, originally written as a screenplay for MGM back in the 1940s by Tennessee Williams, will star Amy Irving amongst a cast of on-screen big names and back-stage talents. Also there to celebrate was everyone's favorite Hampton regular Alec Baldwin as well as Mariska Hargitay. Yeah, we're not quite sure why either, but maybe they're big fans of the play also? We hear it's a good one.

    The Glass Menagerie is running now through July 26th at the newly renovated John Drew Theater at Guild Hall. Tickets are on sale now: 631-324-4050.

    Alec Baldwin, Gregg Bello

    Lori Katz, Edward Bleier, Jenny Ljungberg, Magda Bleier

    Alec Baldwin, Jenny Ljungberg, Amy Irving

    Jean Pagliuso, Bob Balaban, Tommy Cohen

    Joe Brando, Jennifer Cohen, Phil Blechman

    Patricia Erb, Tess McMan, Sam Roady, Priscilla Roady, Dr. Ellen Robinson

    Natasha Solfrackin, Evan Rubin, Terri Kiperman, Ella Rubin