The Quiksilver Surf Team Boys Talk Movies, Injuries & What You Should Know Before Hitting The Waves

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 29, 2009

    [Peter Mel, Balaram Stack and Mark Healey]

    Yesterday the G of G girls packed up shop and headed over to the Main Beach Surf and Sport in Wainscott for the Quiksilver Pro Surfer autograph session at 6pm. While none of us may know too much about the art of catching waves (my personal knowledge doesn't extend any further than Blue Crush), the timing couldn't be more perfect as our first surf lessons with JT White are right around the corner. Luckily for us, pro surfers such as shortboarder Mark Healey (yes, the same one that was on MTV's True Life), big wave rider Peter Mel, and 17-year old Balaram Stack were there to give us some tips on what to do, and some real true life story on what it's like to be a pro surfer.

    Even though being a pro surfer sounds pretty amazing - autograph signings, 10 day tours, perfect surfer boy hair (cough*Mark Healey*cough) - it's not necessarily the safest choice for an occupation. I was pretty sure I never wanted to get anywhere near a wet-suit let alone a surfboard after Mark showed off his scars to us, talked about a broken kneecap, broken eardrum, and being in a wheelchair for a week like it was just getting a hangnail. But after Peter Mel gave us some encouraging advice, I was feeling a bit more reassured: Observe good surfers ahead of time, watch how they paddle, practice the techniques on the sand, pay attentions to the dangers and the warnings of the day, and know what to do in case you encounter them. His other piece of advice? Rent Step Into Liquid. But that might just be because he's in it. Another surf flick recommendation from the ones who know best? A Fly In The Champagne, which is showing at Surf Lodge this Sunday.

    To top it off, we got an unexpected bonus: the chance to speak with four time World Champion surfer Lisa Anderson and 2007 World Champion long boarder Jen Smith - two Roxy surf team super stars. Like the boys, they said they really enjoy surfing on the East End, and they've all been here before, multiple times in fact. Want to catch the pros in action? Starting around 7am today, the boys and girls of the Quiksilver Surf Team have been surfing at Ditch Plains Beach. If you go check it out, just look for the big Quiksilver bus (it's hard to miss). Even if you won't be hitting the waves with them, maybe you can observe a few things before your first lesson.

    Check out Main Beach Surf and Sport on 352 Montauk Highway in Wainscott to pick up some of your own surf gear.

    A frat party on wheels? The surfer boys call this home for 10 days when on the road.