The Wei: Preparation For John McCain Interview

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · July 18, 2008

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    Among all the activities this weekend, I’m most excited for McCain’s fundraiser in East Hampton tomorrow evening. Rachelle and I, along with the PlumTV crew, plan to snag a quick interview with him. I’ve never had the opportunity to interview a presidential candidate and I secretly aspire to mediate a presidential debate when I grow up. After deliberating the myriad of possibilities, I finally decided what the one question I find the most vital…

    I’m really dying to grill McCain regarding his stance on healthcare, particularly on the unfairness of health insurers reimbursing Viagra but not birth control. I’m confident that I can get 9 seconds, maybe even 10, of awkward silence when I bring up this sensitive, not to mention extremely important issue. I have to credit McCain for sticking to his guns on Viagra; it’ll surely secure voters in the senior citizen age demographic AND the 18 million American men affected by Erectile Dysfunction.

    Can anyone even imagine McCain having sex?  Shudder.