Tracy Morgan To Show His Sag Cred

by Adam Bertrand · June 16, 2008


    Tracy Morgon has yet to meet an NC-17-rated tale he didn't like. He's smug and self-deprecating, ebullient and petulant, off-color and insightful, often in the same breath He's the spitting image of his semi-eponymous 30 Rock character, only more so. He's confessional far past the point of TMI. He has an unabashed lust for waspy blondes, which is most likely what's bringing him to Sag Harbor's Bay Street Theatre. When I saw him at Boston's Comedy Club, he had the audience (a rougher, at least vocally tougher crowd than he'll have tonight), in hysterics from the opening monologue to the closing kiss-off. Decide if Bostonians just have lower standards by clicking here.