Trending Goes Tribal In East Hampton

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · August 18, 2010

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    See ya later, seersucker! This Monday it was all about tribal fashion at the Kenya Cocktails and Couture party at The Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton.

    East Hampton is no stranger to cocktails and couture, but Monday night brought with it a different flavor entirely. Designer Anna Trzebinski brought her handmade, conservation-minded accessories & signature pieces to the East End for a trunk show promoting a sustainable future. The event was one that allowed us to step from behind the hedges of the Hamptons and to feel a little more, dare we say, exotic...if only for a few hours.

    Everything from exotic leather handbags with cow horn finishes to native African peacock & ostrich feathered shawls will be available for purchase to benefit environmental non-profits Group for the East End and the Africa Foundation. All the products are crafted by hand by women in Kenya, and of course are not tainted by the mass production to which so much fashion has fallen victim.

    In authentic Kenyan spirit, guests sipped Dawas, the signature Kenyan cocktail made with vodka, limes and honey. We're not sure there's a sweeter cocktail for the end of this summer. Bottoms up for sustainability!