Trip Patterson's Solo Exhibition A Hipster Magnet

by Adam Bertrand · July 17, 2008

    trip patterson

    This past Saturday, after I'd had my fun at ArtHamptons, I stopped by the opening of surfer-cum-curator Trip Patterson's first one man show, a retrospective of the great Puerto Rican painter Felix Bonilla Genera. The exhibition is on display at Collette's Antique Barn, and when I arrived, I was greeted by a crowd as colorful as Bonilla's thick-daubed abstracts.

    trip pattersontrip pattersontrip patterson

    More story and photos below:

    Mr. Patterson of course was there, sporting some killer seersucker, as were Colkette and her baby, and the artist himself in a jaunty fedora. The Antique Barn, with its whitewashed walls and roomy feel, was the perfect backdrop for Bonilla's kalaidescopic rainbows, though by the time I got there, most of the revelers had moved the party out back. There, a melange of tawny surfers and mangy hipsters mingled, downing vodka grapefruits and loads of wine. The whole scene felt very LES-y, and a nice change of pace. If you missed the opening but would still like to check out Bonilla's work, fret not; the exhibition will run through August 2nd.

    trip pattersontrip pattersontrip patterson

    [Puerto Rico by way of Tripoli]