Weekender Agenda, Part 2

by Adam Bertrand · August 1, 2008

    What: Social Life Magazine's Polo Issue Launch with Chris del Gatto Where: Social Life Estate, 330 Middle Line Highway, Water Mill When: 8-11 Why: As we've seen, Devorah and Justin know how to throw a party.

    What: Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood Summer Where: Dune, 1181 North Sea Road, Southampton When: 8-11 Why: To experience the 3D version of your favorite gossip rag

    What: Martin + Osa Celebrating Creative Time Where: Bettina Prentice Estate, Sagaponack When: 6:30-8:30 Why: Martin+Osa's updated, luxurious classics will no doubt take a backseat to the raging dramas of NY's social elite, most of whom are on this event's committee

    What: LABL presents Edgewood Goodies Where: 78 Main St, under Java Nation When: 2-6 Why: Psychedelic graffic tees, surfers, hipsters, artists, Haagen-Dazs, and DJ Max Barbaria make LABL the place to be on a Saturday afternoon.

    Sunday What: Campion Platt and McGuire Furniture's Summer Cocktails Where: HC&G 2008 Idea House, 151 Sagg Main St, Sagaponack When: 4-6 Why: Because no one should pass up an opportunity to scope out the Idea House, or meet its gracious host

    What: Hampton Bays Fire Department Carnival Where: Hampton Bays Fire Station, 69 W. Montauk Highway When: 7-11 Why: Because it's a carnival, silly