Renée Willett Brought Rao's To The Hamptons

by Christie Grimm · August 6, 2020

    Talk about saucy - Actress, Comedian and Instagram favorite Renée Willett had the most enviably delicious weekend in The Hamptons.

    Even with the current state of the socially distanced world, the Willett family still found a way to hold their 6th annual Rao's special tasting dinner, hosting friends at their home in Water Mill this past Sunday evening. 

    “RAO’s Night has been a Willett-Wagner family tradition for 6 years now," said Renée. "We think it’s a special treat not only for our guests but us as a family - getting the inaccessible experience from a New York iconic treasure in our own home. Though, really we just love eating the amazing food!” 

    Determined to create a COVID cautious environment, all guests were required to present their COVID tests (taken within at least 4 days of the event) upon entry. And hey, people wait ages for the chance to eat at Rao's, so this barrier to entry was pretty low as far as we're concerned. Everyone from Victoria's Secret Supermodel Maria Borges and Real Housewife of New York Elyse Slaine to Andrew Warren and Aaron Bronfman clearly agreed, happy to follow the dinner party guidelines.

    But we digress, on to the most important part of the evening: the food! On the Willett's old school Italian menu? Fried Calamari, Penne A La Vodka, Linguine Bolognese, Spaghetti Arrabbiata, Rao's Famous Fried Oreos and more. Ugh, what we wouldn't do for a fried oreo right about now!

    Guests walked away with more than just full stomachs, gifted "Rao's Hamptons" masks and t-shirts to commemorate the pandemic soirée. Don't lie, you know want one of these masks.

    As for the hostess, Renée dressed the Italian bombshell part in a Dolce & Gabbana floral-print tiered dress and a Sydney Evan diamond "Love" necklace.