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by guestofaguest · May 29, 2007

    Thought we would share this with you guys, an accurate summation of events this weekend. Bold added for emphasis.

    From: *****.******** Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 11:32 PM To: Subject: Memorial Day Weekend

    Friday night went to Dune in Southampton, it was packed but crowd was weak. Sat night we went to Pink Elephant, it wasn't too crowded and was really fun...lots of girls around...Usual promoters and Euro trash rich guys around....There are 5 tables outside on the elevated patio (not the outdoor area with the beds) that were really good and we stayed out there most of the night....

    Sun night went to back to Dune and it was embarrasingly bad. Jayma[Cardosa] wasn't there (only Rich Thomas). Didn't see Noah Tepperberg either. All the tables were empty or filled with long island meathead trash....That being said Sunday after Mem Day is a tough one....Decor looks the same as last year with some cheap looking plastic fish hanging from the ceiling. I wasn't impressed, thought Cain last year looked a lot better. They were serving drinks in plastic cups which also annoyed me. We left after 5 mintes and went to Nello's which was very cool on the inside. An older crowd but a great place for drinks.

    Didn't get a chance to check out Stereo but Ambrosia and Adriana Lima were supposedly having a party there Sat....