Gay Fridays at the Quogue Inn

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 31, 2007


    The sleepy village of Quogue normally flies under the radar of the Hamptons, avoiding the trappings of high profile residents and public scrutiny that all to often beget other townships like Southampton. In Quogue, you won't find P. Diddy, or share houses, or hours of traffic congestion. This WASP nest has managed to retain its exclusive community feel for decades and residents won't be looking to let up anytime soon.

    So when a village resident recently filed a 4 million dollar civil rights lawsuit against the village alleging widespread police misconduct, and created an accompanying online public message board asking people to sound-off on the police force, it was much more activity than usual for Quogue.

    But perhaps the most curious development in Quogue this summer has been taking place at the Quogue Inn. The bar at the Inn, which once served as a local watering hole for residents and their guests, now has new owners, has been remodeled, clubbed out, and renamed the Q. The new decor at the Q is a bizarre visual assault of South Beach meets Southampton, and there is a DJ the spins on Fridays and Saturdays. But that's only the beginning...One of the partners/investors in the Q is gay, and has been attracting a gay crowd to the Q on Fridays all summer long. So far this has been kept on the down-low, however, with the owners pushing to make the Q a destination point in the Hamptons, people are starting to catch on to the ongoings on Friday nights, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.