Attica Throws Exclusive Party At RdV East

by BRITTA LOFGREN · September 7, 2010

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    RdV East started off Saturday night in a somewhat tamer fashion than usual with a party hosted by Attica. Following up their 2nd Anniversary party in NYC, members of the exclusive social club warmed up the hot Hamptons venue with a late-evening cocktail fete.

    While the crowd was a little more reserved than the late night drinking-straight-from-the-bottle-while-dancing-on-the-bar types, guests still rocked it at RdV East for an end of summer Attica party. Lucky Attica cardholders, a handful of nightlife types, and even Justin Ross Lee, back in the Hamptons for one final weekend, enjoyed VIP treatment with drinks, dancing, and even some Anti-Hangover drinks to apparently start the night out right.

    The Anti-Hangover Drink ; Guests enjoying themselves at the Attica party at RdV East

    And in case we haven't had enough posed JRL photos this summer...a few more that look pretty much identical to every other photo taken of him:

    First Vivo, now Anti-Hangover? What obscure product will JRL endorse next?

    Curious as to how to join this exclusive members-only club?  Well, for a start, be successful. Then go here for more info on membership...while we may not know all the perks, we can say for sure that they throw a damn good party.