Halloween in the City

by guestofaguest · November 1, 2007


    [At the Halloween Parade '07]

    New York is notorious for it's nightlife. It has started trends such as bottle service and suited doormen across the world. It is everchanging, sometimes shocking, most of the time entertaining, and usually best experienced with a little bit of substance in your system. Well, on Halloween, the city gets especially wacky and last night was no exception. Unfortunately, the multiple shootings in Union Square took away some of the fun, but we managed to at least catch part of the parade and some party partaking downtown. Here was our favorite costume taken on the subway station at Prince St. (From 7:00-11:00 there was no chance in hell you were getting a cab or moving anywhere fast)...


    He's white trash hahaha. Also, thought this was pretty cool. Gawker created a chart of the top 220 Halloween costumes for Women as taken by the searches from google and yahoo. Click on the thumbnail below to see what the top ones were for this year: