Hamptons Hitlist: Places You Shouldn't Miss This Summer

by Chelsea Burcz · April 28, 2011

    As we all know the Hamptons is chock full of plenty to do and see. While the big players are always on our minds, we wanted to take a step back and highlight some cool places that go under the radar. These are places that you shouldn't forget to check out this summer!

    The Blue Parrot

    With silent investors such as Renee Zellweger and Jon Bon Jovi, The Blue Parrot's quirky Mexican-style cuisine and bar is great place to get a low-key meal. Located down an alleyway, just behind Ralph Lauren's, you might overlook this little nook.  The Tex-Mex spot serves up scrumptious soft tacos and salsa. The restaurant was shut down in 2006 due to problems with it's lease, and after three years of silence, re-opened in 2009. Now, the spot is a special landmark in East Hampton.

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    Ditch Plains

    A place that pleases the eye - from it's rocky landscape to the surfer boys strolling the beach, spend a day exploring this piece of paradise.

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    Tripoli Gallery

    This little gallery in South Hampton is a nice day spot to visit in between shopping or eating.  So often Hamptons' galleries go overlooked, especially when people are heading out east for booze, parties and food. Make sure you take a gander at their really cool contemporary art pieces.

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    Shelter Island

    This island off of Greenport may be a hike depending on where you are in the Hamptons, but totally worth it. Located right in between  the North and South Fork, the island has a low key feel to it, something that many Hamptons towns are starting to lack. Go for a day trip or a weekend by boat or by car and enjoy the atmosphere.

    Mary's Marvelous

    A cute little spot in Amagansett to grab your morning coffee or pasteries - you never know who you will run into there!

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    Naturally Good

    One of Montauk's finest little gems, and a favorite of the locals, Naturally Good offers smoothies and vegetarian entrees for a healthy dining experience.

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