Dear Devorah Rose: Making It "To" The Hamptons Is NOT Making It "In" The Hamptons

by guestofaguest · June 9, 2011

    The Hamptons have always been an aspirational place.  For Devorah Rose, it's more like a place to make an ass out of yourself.  Loyal readers of GofG have had front-row seats to her shamefameball circus for the past several years as she has ass-pired to secure a gig on a Reality TV show all the while partying and playing Editor in Chief at Social Life Magazine.  Yes, the Jersey Shore, and Devorah Rose have landed in the Hamptons.  But this was circa 2007-08, which makes yesterday's Sunday Styles piece on her seem a bit, shall we say dated?

    Ok, enough patting ourselves on the back for being ahead of the social curve (the socialite and growing fauxcialite beat is after all our bread and butter).  The Times was kind enough to seek comment from our lovely Editor in Chief Rachelle Hruska, who had the following generous things to say about Devorah (gulp):

    "It [being cast for Social Heights] was an easy way to get attention if you were, like, a nobody"

    (Rachelle is actually really nice).

    “[Tinsley Mortimer] is a real socialite. Devorah is more of a fameball and not someone people take seriously.”

    (No really, she is nice, we swear.  Ok, maybe this is lending a little credence to Nick Denton's calling Rachelle a nasty piece of work!)

    But we digress.  What's more curious, or perhaps disheartening is Devorah's understanding, or lack there of, of The American Dream.  See Devorah has confused the physical destination of the Hamptons with the figurative. The form over substance.  That being in the Hamptons is usually a bi-product of "making it", not the determinant.  And so, as we read about her driving in her Audi A4 and singing Rihanna, pining for "reality" stardom and posing as the editor of a society glossy, one can't help but think that she is speeding quickly towards the American Nightmare.