Recession Is A Royal Pain, But GofG Hamptons Has You Covered

by THERESA WON · May 22, 2009

    [Cast of Royal Pains] So we've heard there's a recession going on, and that the theme for the Hamptons this year is projected to be "low-key" and "beachy".  Perfect!  It's summer and what other season serves as a more appropriate time to revive that old mantra from the school of minimalism: less is more?  Excess is out, as are decadent displays of the haves lording it over the have-nots. USA showcases the classic class struggle in their latest TV series, Royal Pains, set to premiere on June 4 at 10 pm.  The show revolves around a medical modern-day Robin Hood of sorts - Mark Feuerstein plays promising ER doctor, Hank Lawson, whose bright future is shattered when a VIP dies under his care, and moves to the Hamptons after losing everything to serve as the latest It accessory: concierge doctor to the rich.

    There, he will have to struggle between serving the less fortunate and preserving his heart of gold or serving the wealthy and striking material gold.

    But again, it's summer!  And summer is no time to spend brooding on the struggle between good versus evil.  Summer is time to spend outdoors, sun worshipping on the beach, sparking up romances and forgetting all about your cares.  So, recession or no recession, we encourage you to do just that.  On Royal Pains, Hank's social-climbing brother declares, "Bro, this is where God would party", upon entering a glitzy Hamptons party scene.  Hank, duly impressed, replies, "If he could get in". Bro, the girls of GofG Hamptons will totally take you behind the scenes this summer, as we raise our glasses filled with the nectar of the gods in a toast to get the party started!