Having Fun With Polo Fashion!

by Anna Lombardi · June 9, 2011

    Last Sunday, polo fashion was in full force at the annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, and since we are just weeks away from the Bridgehampton polo season, it got us thinking about what one should be wearing to a polo match. It used to be that when you attended a match you went out in full-on "Kennedy" mode.

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    The classic polo look is always in style, but today, people are having more fun with the polo fashion, and we are loving it! However, there is a fine line between fab and f-ugly.

    This girl just went overboard. Have fun, but remember, it's not a nightclub.

    These examples prove you can go trendy, so long as you keep it clean and classy.

    These ladies demonstrate the proper way to wear a hat.

    And these ladies are good examples of how NOT to wear a hat.

    I know, she is all of four, but I couldn't help myself. Should you choose to wear a hat, make sure it doesn't weigh you down.

    When it comes to polo fashion less is usually more. Remember, everybody makes fashion mistakes sometimes, even Donna Karan and Ellen Christine!

    yikes! A little too much, ladies!

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